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Subject: Medicals procedure
  Hi there, I gave my medicals exam in the third week of May. It is not yet updated in my eclient at all. Also I don´t want to call anybody in Ottawa or Buffalo to track on the medicals unless it is absolutely necessary because I don´t want to disturb the process.

My question today is, is there any applicant who had his/her medicals misplaced by the hospital or CIC, Buffalo? Do you think 100% the work would be done properly in posting the medicals by the hospital?


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Hi not to frighten you or something...but I read in other forums I just couldn´t remember the exact event....he said that after long months of delay, he followed up from the doctor who finally admitted that his secretary messed up in sending the docs....did not say or I do not remember how it was remedied.

but don´t worry, probably that´s 1 in a billion chance...just pray that nothing like this happens to your case...goodluck...

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You are funny man. By the way, mountains the simple solution to clear up your worry will be to call up the physician you took medicals and just ask politely whether the medicals results have been posted to ottawa.
I did like this and the secretary of my physician replied that my medical results were posted on may 3, 2005.In some cases if the doctor is nice you can even get the tracking number of the medical post to follow it up. Hope it helps.

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