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Subject: Score under adaptability section ??
  I had applied in Feb 05 and at that time I had not completed 1 year in Canada on work-permit.
Now I have been asked to submit my IELTS score. I have taken the test date and would be appearing for it soon. I have asked IELTS centre to send my score directly to consulate at Buffalo And by the time I take my test, I would be completing one year in Canada. So should I send a separate letter to Buffalo office updating them about completion of one year or not .As in that cas eI would be getting 5 points under "Adaptability" section and that may help in case I am not able to score full 16 points in IELTS .

Please advise.

Rahul !

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It won´t hurt to try your luck would it.
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Hi Rahul,

You should definately send them a letter mentioning that you have completed one year of full-time work in Canada. Also attach proof like paystubs for the whole year.

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Thanks Guys..I will do that ! :)
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