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Subject: UK Electrician replying to Dave
  Thanks for the reply. You seem to know alot about all things immigration.
I have all the documents you say to collect in file ready. I have looked into getting my qualifications assessed to canadian equivalents and I had researched on that web site. I have been collecting info for my application for years now not realising that it may take over two years for the PR to go through. Unfortunatly I waited too long before submitting it and now I am ready to move. Canada is not ready to have me. I am applying with my girlfriend who is a teacher so I feel we have a pretty good chance of meeting all requirements.
We were hoping to work out there first to get some experience so if the PR does arrive the settling in time wont be so long. I have family in Guelph Ontario who I can stay with and who are willing to support us.
Who can I contact to find out if I can get a work permit as well as having a PR application being prosessed?
Before I could get a WP I would have to get a job offer first. So assuming I could get a job offer it would be pointless after all if I could not get a WP.
The visa office in London UK only has a automated phone number (as far as I am aware). It would be a great help if I could get to talk to someone!

paul edwards
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I do know a lot about immigration. I know about one thousand things with respect to immigration, which means there´s about 10 million things I don´t know.

I have worked in the US under TN VISAs, and under B1 training. I have looked into getting a spousal residency VISA in my wifes country (Colombia) along with sucessfully getting a marriage VISA. I have been looking at Canadian Immigration for about a year for sponsoring my wife, and have considered student VISAs and work permits for her as a way of shortcutting the system, only to realize that its not a good idea.

One thing countries don´t like is giving multiple VISAs at the same time, nor having multiple applications for different things. I contiplated getting my green card in the US while under a TN, only to be told I would not be allowed to cross the border during the whole process as I would be showing the INS dual intent.

I don´t know for sure, but I don´t think you will have much luck getting a work permit if you have already applied as a skilled worker. Perhaps if you were in Canada working, and then applied for skiller worker, it would be different, but again, I don´t know for sure. I just can´t see CIC processing two conflicting applications on your behalf.

Another thing with immigration, is do not listen to just one person. You will often hear conflicting answers to the same questions, from people who know a lot more than I do.

My approach is to ask 10 people, and pick the answer that shows up the most. Sometimes you will hear different answers from immigration lawyers, and the CIC hotline people.

As far as the embassy not picking up the phone... I am in in the same boat here in Colombia. I feel like ET sometimes.

As far as applying for a work permit while your skilled worker application is in process... well, maybe get your family in Guelph to call the CIC hotline for you and ask. The hotline is for within Canada only (and I´m in South America at the moment). The CIC website will have all the info you should need in order to apply as a temporary worker. And of course, you will need a job offer! Lots of fun there... try to get a job offer as an electrician, when you are not certified in Ontario... I am sure its possible, but not easy.

2 years is not that bad for a skilled worker. A lot of places it takes 4 or more years. If you have family in Guelph, you will not have that much trouble to settle quickly. Plus, you may not have all what you need to get your trade certification anyway, so the 2 years may give you time to plan everything, and gain the experience you need (if you do need it).

Also, as a UK citizen, travel to Canada is not hard, and not too expensive (although its easy to say that with other people´s money!) and that fact you have a place to say makes it much cheaper. Perhaps you can scope out the market on a vacation?

Trust me, there is a lot of things you can get done over the next 2 years that will make you move to Canada go MUCH smoother.

I know you don´t want to hear "just sit back and be patient" but I am affraid, you may just have to do that.

Best of luck,


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Hello paul,

did you inform about applying as a provincial nominee? On provincial websites they write that the processing will be quicker. I?ve read some success stories on the BC website. I don?t know much about it, but you could try to contact the local authorities of the place you want to go and ask direktly about this way.

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