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  Hi , I am sridhar Indian National , working in singapore. i have gone thru the point system and i am getting 71 points and i am interested to become canadian immigrent, as i have 71 points . if i apply for the immigration can i get it approved. ? or do the immigration goes thru someother process other then the point system. the people whose record is good and whose marks is more then pass mark , do every one gets the visa approved ? thank you.. please send mail to sree52@yahoo.com

anchoori sridhar.

Immigration-skilled worke
Perhaps (in reply to: Points & Approval,)
Probably, did you try to immigrate before?
no, this is the first time. (in reply to: Points & Approval,)
hi,thx for your response. but i nver tried before to immigrate to canada. this is the first time, i want to try and i am getting 71 points.., if i apply for the immigration can i get it approved ? and my wife is not getting 67 points which is min. qualified , but can i apply for both of us? or shall i need to apply only for me ?

Anchoori Sridhar.

Anchoori Sridhar
No Problem Migrating (in reply to: Points & Approval,)
Canadian Immigration has dropped the points down to 67. So, if you have your 71 points calculated correctly you should not have any problems migrating to Canada.
Points? (in reply to: Points & Approval,)
No, you should not have any problems my friend.
If you want to immigrate to canada now is the time, points are dropped and try it as soon as you can, once the point system goes up, you are back at square one.

Your Friend
Points (in reply to: Points & Approval,)
Hi how do you count the points. Can someone please tell me the classification of points and how it is counted?
(in reply to: Points & Approval,)
what points did you mean..units?
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