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Subject: The principal problem
The principal problem is to find a job in Canada. I am a pharmacist (which is a demanded occupation) and I cann´t find one. Any body can help?
No Problem (in reply to: The principal problem)
Did you try these web sites?
- - Workopolis Canada
- - Hot Jobs Canada
- - Monster Canada Job Listing
- - Government of Canada Job Listing

I am quite sure you would find something on above job sites.
Good Luck

Another Job recourse for your principal problem (in reply to: The principal problem)
Here is another good one thruogh which I got hired:
- (Job Booom)

Where do you live?

Specialized support and advice (in reply to: The principal problem)
Hi Haitham.

Before I begin, let me preface what I am about to say by the fact that I make my income, which I use to support a family, by selling information focused exclusively on helping Skilled Workers successfully immigrate to Canada.

That said, I will give you this free tip - see They have some good connections. Furthermore, if you are in Alberta, send me your CV ( and I will forward it to a contact who acquires and sells pharmacies here.

I don´t normally extend myself this way, but also understand what it´s like to be searching.

Happy New Year.

Dennis Caul
immigration advosry service
Using Technology To Beter Serve Skilled Workers.

Dennis Caul

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