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Subject: Temporary status to Permanent
  Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me some info about Permanent Residence status. I am from Mexico and for the past 10 months I´ve been living in Canada as a visitor, I would love to move here permanently but I am not sure if I can change my Temporary Residence to a Permanent in Canada or I MUST leave and apply from Mexico.
Thank you very much.

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Nope, from what I know, you need not, you can apply from Canada itself. But you may want to doublecheck that with an immigration attorney...
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I do not have an answer to your question as it is a question I myself have..I was wondering if you could be so nice as to tell me how you got your temporary resident from mexico to canada? the process and requirements and how long it took...my husband is from mexico and wants us to go to canada..I am a us citizen so we would have to meet in canada and we were just wanted to know the process..thanks

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