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Subject: Police Clearance Certificate
I am an Indian. I left India five years ago. I lived for one year and eight months in UK. Then, for the past three years I have been living in Germany.

Now, I am planning to migrate to CANADA. As part of supportive documentation, I need to submit the "Police Clearance Certificates" from all the three countries.

Now, my question is:
Where do I have to apply to get these three PC certificates from different representative bodies of the relevant countries?
(I.e. who issues the certificates, whom exactly I have to contact and what is the procedure for getting?)

Thanks in advance for your information and suggestions.

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Neurenberger Str. 16,
10969 Berlin
Phone: 030/25388

Fee: DM 15.00 for each copy. processing time: three to four weeks.


To obtain a Police Certificate in the UK, go to your local police station and request a form called "Subject Access". Send send this with the ten pounds fee to the Data Protection Officer of the police force for the area you are resident in. This form is then sent by the police to Scotland Yard and the results are supplied to the individual requesting them within a statutory 40 day time limit. If you´re waiting for your certificate try 0171-230-3751 to see what state it´s at.

The address of the Subject Access Office is:

Subject Access Office
Metropolitan Police
London SW1H 0YY


Indian Citizens must apply for a ?Police Clearance Certificate? in person from the district Passport Office.

Resident non-citizens must apply in person at the local police station.


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Dear Rana,
First of all Thank you for the information!

Secondly the information you gave about geeting the certificate in UK is correct but in case of Germany and India it is incorrect. Just yesterday I have confirmed and found all the correct addresses and procedures about getting the certificate from the said three countries.

In Germany:
Just contact the local "meldebeh?rde" (Muncipal council) and pay 13 Euro. It takes around three weeks.

In India:
There are two options:
1. You can contact the local police station by telephone, fax or in person and ask for the same.
2. In case of NRI(Non-resident Indian), contact the local Indian consulate. There is a fee and it takes around four weeks.

In UK: what you said is partially correct!
Only people live in London metropolitan area have to go to the address given by you. All the rest have to contact the local police station, where they were/are residing.

Anyway thanks again

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i am an indian. i along with my spouse were working for ministry of health hospital in sirte , libya. we came back from there & did not go back. meanwhile we got our canadian immigration interview,which we passed, did our medicals in november. as the canadian high commission asked for our pcc we applied immediately by post to police head quarters libya.but after 6 long months of waiting we have no reply for the same. kindly advice what best can be done now for getting the same? thank you beforehand for all help @ informations from you.

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sir how can i get a police clearance in libya i work there as a contract worker under daewoo corporation lst 2002 to 2003 i need that clearance for appliying for permanent residence here in new zealand. thank you very much
joseph v, belista
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sir,how can i get a police clarance in libya,awork there as a cotract worker since nov 1995 until april 1998, i wanth to know what is the proceess,and sir a need that clearance for requrements for appliying to canada?thank you very much sir
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Dear Sir,

How can I get a police clearance in Libya, I work there last March 2003 to Nov. 2005, as a Contract Worker under MAJUKO ENT., INC., I need that clearance for applying for permanent residence in Canada.

Thank you very much, looking forward to hearing from you.

Alberto C. Malinao Jr.
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I got acknowledgement in nov, 2003.

I had done my medicals in november 2009 now after 8 months embassy is asking for police clearance of me and spouse, Kindly expedite the requirement at this time is usual or its an exceptional case. I have left only three monhs in expiry of my medicals. I applied in pakistan.


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Please send me the Format of police clearence certificate issued by local police stations in India
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Do I need to take Polce clearance in Libya on their war status how to get it