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Subject: Question on Background check
  Does anyone know at what point does background check starts for sponsored spouse? and how long might it take?

My file has been in process since 7 March 2005 in Damascus, Syria. During processing time they have asked for several additonal documents. Their last correspondence on 16 June 2005 was a form that i had to fill out and send back. It contained questions about my background (i.e number or passports i have had, countries i had visited, education, etc..)

Since then, I have heard nothing. I did my interview in May 2005.

Any ideas at what they may be doing at this stage. I ordered my CAIPS notes anyways.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Anonymous,
My friend applied for sponsor spouse in March 2005 in Canada. From that he hear nothing except AOR. In your case it seems much more quicker than him and almost things have done. Hopefully you ´ll get a good news soon.

If you know Pls tell me the RCMP telephone number. I ´d to call them to ask about my PC. Thanks in advance

Good luck

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hi there,

background checks can take up to 11 months sometimes...
I applied in Canada and it´s taking at least 11 I don´t know about Damascus but it should be somehow similar...

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