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Subject: Hello Sharon... A visit to Canada...
  Hello Sharon,

I finally landed in your beautiful country last week (not as an immigrant, a visitor). I hope to land and now infact look forward to as an immigrant. I must admit there is something different to Canada.
1. It feels more liberal than the US and more European.
2. Unless someone tells you driving at 100 max miles per hour is really a very bad idea (it is actually 60 miles max)
3. Especially in Quebec everything is in French and I did not like the immigrant (from certain region) using it to their advantage for parking lots in Montreal. So it is good idea to ask them before you park how much they are going to charge.
4. Highways rather move spiral, don?t they? Kind a funny, but nice to keep you at a slower pace enjoying the beautiful country side.
5. There is no sense of customer service (I observed that in the immigrants). I feel Canadian companies ought to train their new hires (especially immigrants) on that. That I found rule of exception in Montreal. Generally service personnel are very friendly.
6. Everyone seems so fit!! Saw so many people actually walking and taking their bikes.
7. Public transport is so great!!
8. Gas is so cheap!! (Oops.. that price is per liter and not per Gallon !!)
9. They don?t accept my Discover Card!!
10. 1 color is 1 dollar ? 2 colors is 2 dollar (my first lesson at identifying change)
11. Queen still matters in Canada ? she is practically on every coin and print money
12. Keep a lot of change? everything is expensive? but I guess no one minds that
13. Everyone seems to have a job? so the economy is going well.
14. Everyone minds their business, unless you are the business so I guess the casual conversations are out!!
15. Somehow I felt very safe, until the usual rude personnel (again not the rule).

I drove around Quebec and Ontario and was totally mesmerized by the beauty and the vastness of the place. It really is a nice place to reside my friends so keep it going and just think about what you will get, a month here or there of delay or a additional form here or there is not really the thing to worry about.


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how you like the hot weather these days?
How´s your PR going these days? haven´t seen you for a while, wish everything works out pretty good

departure bay
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Thanks for asking dude. My PR application is still on hold for the BG check. I hope all clears up fast.

The weather was a surprize. I was expecting a relatively cooler Canada, however I was in a surprize. I was hot really hot. But it was nice to just walk the streets as everyone else in shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Man, I have not walked like I did in a while.

How is your PR coming along?

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me? AOR on March 9, 05, so far, nothing heard back yet, I won´t surprise that I will get IA sometime around Oct, just cross my fingers and working everyday, Life as usual.

As you know, for people like me, living in Vancouver Island,no news is good news. I still go fishing every weekend in Gerogia Strait, brew my own beer, party once a while, whatever, almost forget my PR.

departure bay
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dude how do you brew your own beer? share the knowledge?
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I used to make my own beer and wine too. there are little businesses around where they supply all the equipment and sell you the supplies- even the recipe. In the case of wine you mix the pure juices with yeast etc and then they sit to ferment for 6 weeks. The company does all the work after than. Once it is ready, you come with your 24 bottles, fill them, cork them and off you go. With the beer you get to cook all the ingredients in these great big vats. You have a choice of about 20 different types of brew. Once it is ready it sits for several weeks and again... you come back, bottle it, cap it... and enjoy. I would not say it is world class beer or wine but I think Departure Bay would agree that it is more than decent and about 30% of the cost for commercial product.
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me? I do it at home, I don´t go to store to do that. I purchase a beer/wine kit in Home Hard ware for 60 bucks. all instruction is inside, not world class like Sharon said.However, it probably only costs you 30bucks(including bottles and caps) for 80 bottles of beer. you can purchase all beer accessories in Real Canadian supersotre or Save on Food.
Compare with 10bucks for a 6 pack, you save quite a lot of money, esepcially if you need have big party

departure bay
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to *****, I love your item #10. I have never thought how confusing our crazy currency must be. a loonie, toonie, penny, nickel, dime, quarter... I am sure all the different colours adds some excitement too!
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