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Subject: Criminal record document question
  Hello all!
Could anyone help and answer my question please?

I am a European living in USA. I filled out and sent a request form to my country to get my criminal history. I sent it through my consulate in USA. This week I?ve received the response back. However, what I got back was my own original request form but with an official justice department seal stating that I have no criminal record (I?m clean). This is not in English. Also, my consulate in Los Angeles added an official note on a separate sheet of paper, but in English, signed and sealed by the consul saying that according to my country´s justice records I have no criminal records and I am all goody-good.

So, my question is, since the actual record (or rather no record) I received back is in my own language, and I have that note from my consulate in English, do I still need to translate and notarize that document or the consul´s note that paraphrases it can be considered as an official translation to English?

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I think that you don´t need to translate and notorize the document, but that is just my opinion.
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