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Subject: Application to Sponsor and unsertaking

I wish to sponsor my wife from india. I am a Canadian PR and working in Canada since 2001. we got married recently in India and got our marriage is registered with the Registrar of Marriages in presence of parents from both sides. Now if i have to sponsor my wife do i have to include her as cosigner in the sponsorship undertaking. She is never been married before and this sponsorship application is solely for her. she does not intend to sponsor anybody also. If she is the principal applicant (person being sponsored) then is the processing fee for principal applicant and that of accompanying spouse to be paid or is it only the processing fee for principal applicant that is to be paid. I know these are pretty simple questions but i am a little lost when i read the sponsorship application a few times over. thanks in advance

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1. Do I include my wife (principle applicant) as cosigner? NO.

Your sponsored wife is NOT a cosigner. Cosigner is NOT APPLICABLE to your case.

2. Is the processing fee only for principal applicant? YES.

You are only applying for your wife, the principle applicant. There is no accompanying spouse because you are her spouse.

Sponsorship Application Fee $75.00
Principle Applicant Fee $475.00
Right of Permanent Residence Fee $975.00

You need to pay a total of $1,525.00.

If you and your wife were BOTH already Canadians and wanted, for example, to sponsor your brother and his wife to come to Canada, Then you would be the sponsor and your wife, for the purpose of showing higher combined income, could be a cosigner. Your brother would be the principle applicant and his wife would be his accompanying spouse.

In the above example there are two sponsors and two applicants. But in your real-life situation, there is only one sponsor and one applicant.

I hope this clarifies things for you. Please feel welcome to ask any other questions you may have.

God bless.

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thanks a lot mike. Your reply was pretty clear and concise. If you dont mind I have another question regarding citizenship application. My application for citizenship was submitted in December 2004 and is in process. Does the marriage have any effect on this application. Is it mandatory to notify CIC of status change due to marriage before sending my application in to Case Processing Center. Also does my PR file get automatically updated when i submit my application to sponsor my spouse. Pretty dumb questions but i have these pressing questions which need some clarification. Thanks for your help in advance. Cheers
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1. A marriage will not influence the outcome of an application for Canadian Citizenship.

2. According to CIC:

During the processing of your application for Canadian citizenship, you should only contact CIC if you:
change your address;
plan on leaving Canada for more than two weeks in a row;
are charged with a criminal offence;
have not received any information on your file within the general processing times.

This leads me to believe you do not have to contact CIC about your marriage.

3. There will be a record that you applied to sponsor your wife. I´m not sure how this record will be cross referenced with other information CIC has about you.

Sorry I can?t answer these questions as well as the previous ones. I?ve successfully completed sponsoring my wife and feel very comfortable with information pertaining to the application process, but I?m not quite as familiar with the citizenship process.

I don´t think any of your questions were even remotely dumb. Unwise is the person who has questions but hesitates to ask :-)

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Thanks a ton mike. You are god sent. Will keep in mind your well intentioned and helpful response. Good day. Regards.
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No Mike, you are dead wrong about not needing to inform CIC about the marriage. You have mislead this fellow.

I don´t have the exact quote handy, but CIC says ANY CHANGES to the status of your case needs to be reported. This definatly includes marriage. If this fellow does not inform CIC he will never be able to sponsor her in the future.

But, in your defense, I will say that the poster has given conflicting info. His first post says he is a Canadian PR but his second post says he is in-process since Dec. 2004. So its possible I mis-interpreted things.

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He is already a Permanent Resident. He is In Process for a CITIZENSHIP application. This is the way I understood it.

He has not yet applied to sponsor his wife. Had he been In Process for a SPONSORSHIP application, he would definitely have to report a change in status.

But I agree that questions regarding specific policy or procedure should be confirmed by an official source, whereas this site is best viewed as a place to acquire anecdotal advice about general information.

The information I quoted related to when you should contact CIC during processing of a Citizenship Application was copied and pasted directly out of the official CIC site. Rather than simply stating that I?m wrong (which I apologize for if I am), perhaps we would all benefit more if you provide us with an exact location of where the correct information can be found. Or perhaps you could copy and past the relevant information for us. I?m not saying this to be rude or hostile. You may in fact have stumbled upon something that I missed. If you can find what it is, please post it so we can all learn more.

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Thanks Anonymous for your input. So do i still have to update citizenship file about status change before submitting my application to Case processing or does the status change take place in my records with CIC when i submit my sponsorship application. thanks again for your input. would really welcome your further comment.
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Mike is right. I believe Anonymous got confused about your status. As you are already a PR you do not have to inform CIC.
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Thanks a ton you all. I checked the CIC site myself and it does not explicitly state anywhere about requiring to inform CIC about this. I did find the exact location from where mike cut and paste the CIC info. The location is
Thanks once again. it served me well.

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