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Subject: Time Line .. Please Advise

Here is my Time Line and please advise how much time more it will take for me to get the PP Request.

Applied Nov 03 as Skilled Worker at Buffalo
AOR - Dec 03
IA - July 04, informing Interview is required in NY O)ffice and telling File will be transferred.
Jan 05 -- Recived a letter from Buffalo informing File is transfeered.
Feb 05 - Recieved a Letter from NY office informing me to send some additional docs and IELTS score.

April 05 -- Sent IELTS Score and additional docs
June 05 -- Recieved a Letter from NY informing application has been accepted and informing me to go for Medicals and pay the ROLF Fees.
June 05 - Medicals completed and sent the ROLF fees and reciept of Medicals.

Can anyone please let me know the next step and how much time it may take... Any advise will be really helpful.

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Your application is on track. As soon as they get the results of the medical you should get the passport request. Generally it takes 2-3 months to get the medical results.
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Thanks Kenny...Any ideas if the NY Office will recieve the result online from Ottawa as the medicals are sent to Ottawa.
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