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Subject: Finaly PPR!
  I have received Pasport rquest today on july 16, 2005. My medical validity date is July 20, 2005, matter of fact, I was expacting second medical request. Although, my medical gonna expire in few days, the letter state,"VISA VALIDITY TIME IS UNTILL Jan 20, 2006.
Time line

Send July 2002
AOR and IA Nov 2002
Medical send June 2004 (Not sure exact time)
Interview Oct 2004 (NY)
IELTS submit June 2004
E status has been changed July 3, 2005 (Medical have received)
PPR july 15, 2005


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Oh man, it makes me really nervous to hear your case, why did it take so long for the the medicals?? (Almost one year)
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Dear Mountain,
Time line depends how you filled you´re application and your documentation.Do not worry about my time line, I had been lot of problems with my documents and presentation.


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Congratulations, Rana. I´m very happy u got it. Pray for me and the rest of our group members.
Romantic Warrior
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congratulations. i am also waiting for my pp request. i sent my last step doc in dec 2004 and i am still waiting. hope i can get mine soon.
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Did you notice whether it was "decision made" or "in process" when you saw "Medical have received"?


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Thank´s romantic worrior and abc. I wish you best of Luck.
Anonymous, e status still shows IN PROCESS.

Good Luck

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