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My wife and I have been in Canada for the last 4 years, studying at a university. I got a letter from Buffalo in April, and they said I am waived from a personal interview and they need my wife´s and my criminal background certificate from our home country.

My wife stayed in the US for one year in 1997, but Canadian consulate in Buffalo did not request FBI Criminal Record Check. Is this their mistake or my wife is waived from FBI background check.

Is there anyone who has the same thing happened recently? Can FBI criminal check be waived?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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If your wife was under 18 when she lived in US then the FBI check would be waived.

- HS -
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HS, Thanks for reply. My wife was over 18 when she was in the US. My friend who sent the application to Buffalo a week before me also was not asked for FBI plice check but asked to send the one from his home country only. In fact, he was in the US for one year in the past also. Is it just coincidence? Two different applicants were not asked for FBI police check. Are they going to ask for FBI one eventually? I´ve already done the medical, submitted additional document and paid the fee ($950 x2).

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