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Subject: Serious: ROLF fee
  Hi there, I sent my ROLF+PCC+other documents in the first week of June. My medicals reached Ottawa in the 3rd week of June. (IA April?04, interview waived)

I confirmed from the bank that the money order was realised by CIC, Buffalo. But till today I haven?t got the receipt for that at all. Do I have to contact CIC, Buffalo and verify what happened?

Is it true that I must have given first priority to doing medicals than ROLF+Other documents which would have made the process fast? Please answer me as I am in dire straits because I completed everything and got only 90 days to search for a job in Canada as I finished my Master?s.

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you will not get a receipt for your ROLF. there is no trick to moving ahead in the line other than insuring your application is complete, detailed and all requests from CIC are responded to promptly.

not sure how long it will take for them to finish the final background checks but perhaps some of our other posters might have some ideas about your 90 day concerns.

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You could apply to "Extend your stay in Canada" for tourism purposes so you can stay legally in the country till your application gets processed. You might be able to get a visa for about 4 months and you can apply from within the country to Vegreville, AB.
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