LONG WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Islamabad)

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Subject: LONG WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Islamabad)
  Dear Friends,

Here are my time line:

29/03/2001 Application Submitted
12/04/2001 Start Processing on my Application
13/04/2001 AOR Received
20/09/2003 Letter received of Updated Forms and IELTS
09/03/2004 Documents Submitted
15/03/2004 Letter received for updated proof of funds and original education documents
24/03/2004 Documents submitted
17/05/2004 All original education documents have been received with their covering letter stating that "selection interview is necessary before your application can be processed further. You shall be inform in writing of the date and time of your interview".
26/11/2004 Received legal notice from citizenship and immigration Canada (Rasolzadeh Class action lawsuit)
24/01/2005 Received Interview Letter of February 24th 2005
24/02/2005 Interview has been Passed
07/03/2005 Received Medical Papers (Will have to submit within 60 days)
11/03/2005 Medical done (Included Chest X-ray, Blood, Urine and physical Test)
14/03/2005 DMP told me that medical has been dispatched
16/03/2005 Medical reports has been received in New Delhi (India)
05/06/2005 Attend orientation from International Organization for Migration
06/07/2005 Paid ROLF without their request letter
15/07/2005 Received receipt of ROLF paid

Any buddy have the same problem like me please reply.


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Dear Amir,

My case is exactly similars to yours.

March 2001 ---apply for immig(CIC Islamabad)

Feb 2005 --- Interview

June 2005--- medicals

Dont worry be happy

They take time

Am also w8ing


LONG WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Islamabad) (in reply to: LONG WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Islamabad))
CHC Islamabad needs to speed up.Cases of 2002 still not started.
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