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Subject: Passport request:Urgent
  Hi there, I am a student in Canada, and right now I am in US on a visitor´s visa. I am expecting passport request from CIC, Buffalo and as I have given my Canadian address, I am gonna tell my roomate to post it to my US address and in turn I am gonna post my passport along with a pre-paid FeDex envelope to CIC, Buffalo. Am I allowed to give a return address that is my US address instead of giving my Canadian address which is on my file? (I am asking this question because I haven´t given an US address when I applied because I haven´t stayed in US for more than 6 months moreover this address won´t be anywhere in my file) Please let me know whether it is legal to do so.


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previously as you said you can´t go to buffalo. Certainly, I´m not fully sure about you´re question right answer. I think that not supposed to make any difference at this point, if you mail them you´re passport from USA address.
I´ll give you my example, I ve got passport request on July 16, 2005. According to the PPR letter I must have to submit my passport within 60 days. Lets say if I´m in different country, its not mean I can´t send them my passport from that country. Once again still I´m not 100% sure, apparently, its not seems to me like there would be any problem. Moreover, I´m gonna discuss you´re issue with some one else, then I´ll let you know. Good Luck

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