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Subject: possible reason things are so slow
  we were at the embassy this week attempting a visitors visa. It normally takes 3 days. We were told to come back in a week because they were so busy. The place was jammed.

Most embassies are swamped this time of year with visitor applications but the biggest intrusion is student visas. They all get screened in the same place as our skilled worker applications. In many cases, July 15 is the deadline for student applications for September visa´s.

So if things are taking a little bit longer than we are expecting... it may simply be the time of year.

possible reason things are slow (in reply to: possible reason things are so slow)
sharon, one question, its the first time i come into the forum so i dont know exactly how it works, i put my email on the top of this window... so does that mean i will resieve the postings on my mail? or do I have to come to this website everytime?? Another thing, I read that you might have to re make your application... how did that turn out??? thanx Phillip
oh, the website where i am writing in is:
i dont know much about forums and how they work, so maybe you guys could be writing from other websites...

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