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Subject: Urgent: Medicals delay by Doctor
  Hi there, I did my medicals couple of months back, though I was told that it will be definitely sent within a week whatsoever, they have sent it to Ottawa after 40 days. Is there something I could do?

I want to make it an issue because I know I can´t do anything in my case, but those students (or immigration applicants) who come here with a belief that they will send the medicals in one week, should not be cheated again. Any advise on how to make it an issue. Moreover, I was told that they would contact me if there had been any problem with the medicals and told me they would ask me to give the medicals again. When I asked the reason, they tell different reasons everytime, like doctor was on leave for one week etc..

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I guess you can complain to CIC regarding your DMP but I don´t know if that will help your case at this point. Usually, the practitioners are pretty diligent. I had no problem with mine. I called him a week after I gave the medicals, he said he had it all sent by courier as per my request.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it.
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The thing is that in some cases the AIDS tests takes about 2 weeks or more to get the results in. My Doc told me that and he told me that the results will be sent after a while...

so sometimes it due to technical problems like that...

So you cant really blame the DMP... But yeah if the DMP is doing this to everyone and delaying due to laziness then for sure you should go and complain... rather atleast let them know about it

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Hi anonymous, Thanks for the advise.

There are lot of DMPs in my place. I selected this particular DMP because I was told at any cost it will be sent in one week, also it was costlier than other places, thats the reason I selected that, but they delayed it. Thats why, I really don´t like people making false promises.

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