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Subject: Spouse Visa without much proofs
  As I am planning for a love marriage I wont be having any reception, photos, party, nothing. I will probably just have my marriage certificate. What are the chances of getting the Spouse visa accepted in this case.

Is there a workaround for this? I mean call on visitor & then marry? what are the chances of geting a visitor visa? how much time would it take?

Reply would be appreciated.

without much proof (in reply to: Spouse Visa without much proofs)
from my experience, if there is even the slightest chance your fiance will not return home at the end of the visa term... they will decline the visa. We have tried unsucessfully twice. your best chance might be to go to your partners country, marry, and then return to Canada to sponsor them. Just a marriage certificate may not give them enough reason to say yes. Why no pictures, emails, phone bills, letters...
Thanks fro teh reply (in reply to: Spouse Visa without much proofs)
Hey Sharon, Thanks for the reply!
Actually its a love marriage without the consent of parents & ofcourse a villain too (who just does not want us to marry). So only option I have is to get married in Court, file visa & bring her here. At any point of time that "villain" knows it can be just worse. We cannot go for a honeymoon, nothing. All I plan is to get married & send her home. file visa & then one fine day send her papers (if accepted)& ticket so that she can come out of home for once & all.
As it is complicated & I dont have a second chance I have to walk on the tight rope at a height. one mistake & life would be ruined as its a LOVE marriage & I love her a lot. trust me a lot.
Hoping some reply from you.

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photos apart, I have e-mails but I always called through calling card so no record. no letters as such
hi alok (in reply to: Spouse Visa without much proofs)
my husband also uses prepaid cards to call me when we were still not yet married but he was able to get a copy of all prepaid cards that he purchased online. u should submit anything and everything that will convince them that ur relationship is genuine and continuing. pictures are very important. we got married under civil wedding but all details were noted. everything. up to the last receipt or even boarding passes from airlines. marriage certificate alone is not enough. u need to go through the details if u want no delays. i wish u luck!!!
second chances (in reply to: Spouse Visa without much proofs)
I hear the anxiety in your comment about ´no second chances´. Email, snail mail, phone card purchases, letter, affidavits from friends... ANYTHING that can substantial your relationship. Our situation is a little different, we met outside Canadda, Canada will not let him visit so we are having my lover apply as a skilled worker. The long way around a problem of the heart. After 2 years of looking for solutions, we are almost home!
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