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Subject: E-client research help
  Does anybody know how many days once E-client is updated? Once in a week or something?

Also for those who notived E-client update, can you please tell me when you first noticed E-client update, Eastern Standard Time after midnight, or during office hours or off hours.

I am trying to figure out by doing various research through others´ experience. (might sound crazy) I would appreciate if you can help me in this, also it I would post once I come with some fruitful outcome of the research. (I haven´t acheived much, I don´t know much abt Background check at all)

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E Cient is updated only when you get visa not before that.Put your timelines at www.punjabagri.com/chat so that you can compare with others easily.
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Once every century

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It is updated once a week....seems to be different days.They do a universal system update.I noticed the change between 10 am and 2 pm EST.

However, if your processing officer does not input your info in the computer, when the update happens, your e-client is not updated since no info was input.

I know three people who have received their visas but it still says IN PROCESS.....on the other hand, my wife´s changed to DECISION MADE the same day she received her letter telling her to go and pick up her passport.

Every embassy and every officer is different. It all comes down to the processing officer inputting the info or not.

I hope this helps your "research". It might be easier to find a cure for the common cold than to make heads or tails of e-client.

Good luck

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Hi Anonymous,

Thats so nice of you to help me out. Thanks a lot for taking it seriously and explaining in detail.

Maybe if you can post you initials, (instead of Anonymous) it would have been more appropriate to contact you time to time about researches. Anyways, thanks a lot.

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Hi Dav

Sorry I was "anonymous"...I sometimes forget to type my name in.


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