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Subject: ROLF encashed
  folks, i just got of the phone with my bank and they said by ROLF check was encashed by the CIC buffalo on the 19th July. What do you folks think about it.
Time line - sept 28th AOR - April 8th IA - Medicals May 6th(don´t know if it reached them - all docs sent to them 1st week of July and now the ROLF encashed.

Any comments!!

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You would get your PP within two weeks
Be clam...

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It may be longer. My docs were received in June 05 and I am still waiting.
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it really depends, our ROLF was paid 10 month ago......
Good luck

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Andy, your statement is wrong. Absolutely wrong. I have seen you in more than a topic, giving wrong (or funny) replies. Please don´t do that.

Parminder, ROLF encashing doesn´t mean you will get passport request in 2 weeks at all. It could take 2-6 months. Earliest, it would definitely take one month from now, (earliest, I don´t think so though) I would say you might get from August 10th to August 25th, my guess. Good Luck.

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I agree to your opinion. I sent my ROLF in Sept last year and still waiting for the PP request.

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I´m wandering: when did you do your medicals? At the same time as you sent the ROLF?

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