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Subject: after marriage
  hi everybody,

I applied for PR as a skilled worker. last Saturday I got married to a Canadian Citizen. I would like to ask you if this update will affect in any way my application (delay due to the need to update my info, or speed it up because I´ll need less background check and I have more points ~95). Please let me know what you think.

Thanks you!

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you have no choice but to inform CIC. if you don´t and they determine that your status has changed upon your arrival in Canada, they will send you home- no matter how many points you have. Hard to tell if it adds any additional processing time - it really becomes irrelevant at this point.
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forgot to add... if you do not inform CIC, you will lose all opportunity to sponsor your wife. Not a good scenario.
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sharon, in mircea´s case the spouse is already a canadian citizen.

mircea, if you are applying from a visa post that process a lot of application and you are still waiting for your initial assessment with the visa post, then i would inform them to withdraw your application and apply via outside spousal route. that means, you have to submit your application and gather the proofs but the wait will be shorter for sure (max of 1 year).

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thank you anonymous!
I applied in Buffalo and I got my AOR in March, so there is no point of asking to change my application to a family class since there have been already 4 months and in 4-5 I´ll receive the IA. To inform them, to gather again all the documents, pay 550 CAD and wait for their decision (total of 10-12 months) will take longer than what´s left now. I´ll inform CIC on my update

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very soon i will be getting married to a canadian citizen,so i want to know how much time will it take for migration , i am an indian citizen.
and also want to know, if i go to canada on tourist visa can i get married to my would be on tourit visa??

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Anybody, everbody, somebody HELP ME please !
I (Canadian PR) WILL marry my Beatiful Chinese fiancee. What´s the FASTEST and CHEAPEST way to get this to happen ?
We are both POOR, MADLY IN LOVE, and getting older ! We will make our home in Canada.Is it best for me to go there to marry there then come here ? Or is it faster to bring her here for marriage here ? Or is it faster to sponsor her ? TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE !!! MONEY TOO !! I am VERY NEW to this, and this is my first step at seeking ADVICE . I WELCOME INPUT from EVERYONE with any "knowledge" or "experience" with this matter . PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail suggestions and advice to :

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