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Can you guys help me to select IELTS materials? ?THE BEST ONE?
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Hello bro,

I am giving the test this saturday..
I bought a set of 5 Genral training practice tests from
for about $25 dollars.. that really helps
It has audio and the test papers.

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RAHUL, It won´t be tough as expected. Good Luck. Hope you come out with flying colors.
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I am practising for the test with the cambridge book (3). There are also good materials online on the website of CILL, Hongkong

To improve my listening skills, I try to find the time to watch the BBC programs on TV or go to the BBC webside in the internet and listen to the radio programs or the English lessons there, as I am not living in an English-speaking environment.

To improve reading, I go to the globe-and-mail website:
There, at the same time I can learn more about Canada or other interesting topics and focus on the vocabulary relating to this topic.

For speaking, there are less opportunities. Sometimes I request my husband to ask me some questions that may occur in the test and try to answer elaborately.
For writing I just worked on the topics given in the Cambridge book. There are some samples how to write an official letter on the "about"-website:

How much time is left for you to prepare? My test is in September. If there is only few time left, I suggest to work only with previous tests. If there is a little more time, you may be right considering the "three golden rules" that one of the Hong-Kong? online teachers pointed out for the students:

1. read
2. read more
3. read even more

(whatever you want, from different sources). Improving your reading will affect all your other skills positively.

Good luck


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Elli, Thank you for sharing your ideas, I really like that. And thank you all for good suggestion.

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