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Subject: Better life in canada
Thank you all
I need help to make my decision .I need to hear from others, their experience, and circomistanses .Its important for me to share others thoughts and opinions.


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If you use the "search" option at the top of this forum, you will find many people who have already shared their experiences. Often times after writing extensively on one thread, people aren´t too anxious to repeat it all for someone again. Use the search, look up words like "after landing" "success" or whatever else. It will be far less time for you to do a couple of searches than it is for people who have already immigrated to write again what has already been written. There are great stories in this forum, just spend time brousing.
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What do you expect for your future, Canada should be like? Maybe if you ask more specifically, it will be easier for others to answer, because a "better life" for each person here may stand for various conditions and it also depends on the country you are from whether the situation in Canada is better or worse. Also life can vary a lot in the different Canadian provinces.

You can read in statistics, that the economic situation of Canada is not bad, there is economic growth, there are job opportunities. But you can not plan your life on statistics.
You can find success stories, searching this forum or other forums, but of course not all immigrants are successful. You will never know about yourself until you don?t try ...

Maybe it is better to ask: What do you need to be successful in Canada? May I ask this question here? What do others think about it?


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