How much information to include?

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Subject: How much information to include?
  I am THIS close to submitting my application, and I have one final question (I hope). A few years ago my husband and I owned a small business; therefore, of course, we don´t have a letter of employment verification for that time period. We are planning to write up a short description of our business, and will include tax forms for each year we owned it. Would you recommend including anything else, such as a copy of the lease, or anything else we can come up with? I don´t want to leave gaps, but I don´t want to overburden them with miscellaneous papers, either. Any thoughts out there?

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I think it is better to burden them with papers. Send them everything you think would be useful in your application. Do you have the registration papers when you registered your business, or anything like that?

Send them that too.

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For the time I was self employed, I just wrote up a description on my letter head, imprinted it with my notary seal and included it. They have not asked for any additional information in that regard so it seems like the letter satisfied them.

Good luck.

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Thanks! I´m not sure what we still have, but I´ll include whatever I can find. Thanks again!
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