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Subject: Medicals dispute
  Hi there, I did my medicals couple of months back, though I was told that it will be definitely sent within a week whatsoever, they have sent it to Ottawa after 40 days. Is there something I could do?

I want to make it an issue because I know I can?t do anything in my case, but those students (or immigration applicants) who come here with a belief that they will send the medicals in one week, should not be cheated again. Any advise on how to make it an issue. Moreover, I was told that they would contact me if there had been any problem with the medicals and told me they would ask me to give the medicals again. When I asked the reason, they tell different reasons everytime, like doctor was on leave for one week etc..Also if I make it an issue, do you think, they would manipulate my medicals? or do something for that? Also I have paid the money by credit card, I will dispute it, please advise friends. Thanks.

My main question is, if I block the credit card payment partly (or fully) do you think the hospital will send a letter to Ottawa and manipulate the medicals?

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they will not manipulate the medicals. No point to that. However, they may cancel them.
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You mean hospital will cancel the medicals or what you meant will cancel? Thanks Sharon. I am requesting a complaint form from the Credit card company, plz let me know what I should do.
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hey, just be patient ok? don´t god damn cancel your payment,you gotta take your own risk to do so
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