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Subject: To Departure Bay
  Hey DB, I am waiting for your response from yesterday. I am pasting the script of my topic that I posted yesterday ....

DB thats so nice of you. Can you plz give the link for the Fire fighter courses department? Actually, I browsed through the website but I couldn?t get through that. How is the partime job opportunities inside the Uny? I have to look at the fee structure for FF courses and I don?t know how the accomodations are there, whether it is costly or not.

I want to look at a couple of more Unys, if you can advise, what difference does it make with community colleges? I have a study permit that says I can study in any unys. in canada. Thanks. so nice of you man.

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that´s in Thompsons River University

departure bay
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Hey DB Thanks for the reply. Can you comment at the MEDICALS DISPUTE topic plz? Thanks.
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