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Subject: Attention: Dparture Bay
  Ni-Hao departure bay,

Add 8-10 months to the date that they have started processing your file (this can be found through their e-Client Application Status on CIC website) and this is likely to be your IA date. If your file is coclusive and you already passed the passmark you will get it around that time. Otherwise, they ask for the missing information and you may have to wait longer.

Good luck,

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how do u verify ur claim Alfred..on what basis do u come to this conclusion on ur timeframe
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thanks Alfred, that´s what I was told from AOR letter.
36 weeks. therefore, my AOR is march 09,2005, I won´t worry my IA until Nov 2005.

And so far, no IETLS, no letters, no contact

departure bay
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