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Subject: formal education
  Hi everyone two quick questions:

1.- on the application for permanent residence in canada, on question 12 "how many years of formal education do you have?" is
formal education the number of years after elementary or high school?

2.- is it necessary to fill out N/A on all blank spaces, even those two part YES or NO questions, after answering YES to that question do you have to put N/A in the NO section? such as:

Did you have an engagement party to celebrate your engagement?
and then it says YES and NO...Explain. If I answer YES, do I need to write N/A on the space given for NO?

thanks for your valuable advice.
Nelson Gonzalez.

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1)education is calculated from grade 1.
2)if you have answered the question in any way... N/A is not required.
any question that is not relevant to you (eg. number of children) you would answer N/A

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My total formal education is 17.5 years. But there is only option for 17 or 18. Which one should i choose?
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