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Subject: Big problem Need Help !!!!
  Hello all
i have a complicated story and i wish somebody will be able to help me ...
i live in Canada on a student Visa since December 2002 and been living here countinously since in entered the country ....
somehow i am in a relationship with a woman who is older than me (14 years difference)...!!!! we been dating for a while and i like her...we are planing to get married so i can stay her with her but the problem is that she is on ODSP
(Ontario Disability Support Program).. which offers her a limited income arround 900$cdn a month ...but my real concern is that she was married to an australian cetizen in 2001 and she applied to sponser him to stay her but things did not work out and he left the country before he got his landed immigrant statues in canada and she revoked the application before it was approved...
As i said in the start my problem in very complicated because
1st thing the age difference ..i am 22 and she is 36...(is that a big concern for immigration canada to concider the marriage as Genuine marriage? marriage)??!!
2nd thing that she is on disabilty benifet program
3rd her application to sponder somebody else in 2001 which was not complited and was revoked before the preminent residency is approved..

I would appreciat if there is a big expert to answer this big problem and advice me about what i should do and what is going to happen if she applies to sponser me .... Notice.. i Hold a study permit Valid till August 2006..
THanks for ur time

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The three things you mention are very likely to indicate to an Immigration Officer that your relationship is not genuine. Whether this is fair or not is not for us to tell, but I would suggest looking for other ways to remain legally in Canada without trying the family class sponsorship route with your current partner. Good luck
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thanks for reply mr but i just want to know my chances if my current partner apply to sponser me to stay here . and how long would this process take (i live in Hamilton ,Ontario)
hoping to get a professional respons

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I am afraid you will not like my answer either. My fiance is wanting to immigrate as well. We are 17 years different in age and I am the ´older woman´ and I believe our relationship is genuine. I have a VERY good income and could easily support us both. My fiance is very capable of earning his own living. All advice given to me was that our application would never be accepted and our best chances were for him to come to Canada on his own merits. Your fiance cannot afford to support you and she would be responsible for you for 3 years after you are landed, that will make officials very nervous... even without the age difference. Here income barely covers 6 months settlement money required for 1 person to immigrate, how will she convince immigration that she can look after both of you for a whole year! If you should apply, I am told it is 6 months to a year for the process. My thought is that this would be a very risky application. For many reason... it would be good for you to immigrate on your own merits and prove to your woman that you only marry for love...nothing else. My best wishes to you.
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Hello Sharon
Thank you very much for your reply and adding your story to my post.
well my advanget would be that i already live in canada so that might help a bit more .and what i am hoping to get is a work permit that will allow me to work and prove myself and prove that i can support myself while the application is in process..
what do u think ?? let me know :)
Thank you very much again :)

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I really think your best choice and best chance is to stay in the country with a work permit, or apply to enter as a skilled worker. It is very disheartening to think that our society does not believe that your relationship- like mine, can be real. If you were the older guy, nobody would say a word! Sad statement about our prejudices. Anyway, I hope everything works out the way you want.
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Hi Sharon
Thanks alot for your fast respons...
All what you said was true , i myself know a man how sponsered his wife to come from Hungary to canada and the age difference between them was over 18 years and they only knew eachothers for 3 months while he was in a trip down there.. but now they are still living togather after she got here and they look like they are a very happy couple.
I think i will submit the application and i will start the process as soon as possible because this is my only option and i hope everything will be alright...
we will be living togather and we will have the common realationship any couple would have and they can check ..
Thank you

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