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Subject: Has any 1 been rejected
  Please is it still possible to be rejected even after asking to pay ROLF and Medical clear.
or is it possible after getting Landing fees ,File review and found some errors. is this happened with somebody.
I have paid my ROLF last week upon requst.
and waiting for PPT but still doubtfull.
please awnser, thanks

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You sound like you´re good to go!
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What are you? Some kinda terrorist who did not tell the whole truth in his PR application? If that is the case, the possibility of retroactively rejecting always exist even long after you have gotten your PR. So tell the truth.
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Who the hell you think you are? Who gave you the right to talk to people that way?

He didn?t say that was lying , he said he maked some mistakes.

jack a**

Dear Ashraf

Sounds like you are ok

cheers eh!

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You still have to clear a Back Ground check. They will go through your records.
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Thanks andy.
This is a case of sponsorship for my wife. she is not enough educated. I dont like her to go for a interview. thanks

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Well , I don?t know your situation , I have been sponsored as well and I maked a couple little mistakes as well such as wrong spelling of my sister?s last name in one sheets (I did it right in the rest of the applications though).

I don?t know what your is case , as far as I can see you are sponsoring your wife to come to Canada , well once you are approved as her sponsor , CIC will asses your spouse?s application to find out if an interview is requeried.
No body likes interviews , but if she has to go , she has to go man , regardless of her education level (which is not mandatory for family class applicants)and she may go with a trarnslator if necessary.

Good luck

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