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Subject: small house
  Dear Friends
I own a small house in my country .
What do you think , should I tell them about it as an owner ? what documents should I submitt to prove that ? May this subsitute the financial evidance ?
If I sell the house before landing ,is it important to tell them ?
If I want to sell the house latter (2-3 years)should I tell them ?
What aout charges in this case ?
Anybody help ?

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CIC does not care whether you own property or not. The funds you are allowed to claim for financial evidence must be liquid, they must be available to you today. Therefore, no, unless there is a place on your specific visa office´s application to declare your home, there is no need to inform them. Nor does it matter whether you sell your home before landing in Canada, although you will want to make sure you claim your funds before entering the country, as per their regulations. I do not know what happens if you sell the property later, if there are tax implications or not. Owning your home does not change your status nor will it make any changes in your application process.
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Or you can continue to live in your small house and enjoy life....
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Wannabecanadian, I think that´s not exactly true. In the guide located at

on page 21 it actually says that "?Funds? refers to money in Canadian dollars, and includes the value of any property you own. It does not include jewellery, cars or other personal assets."
I´d say, get the house appraised by someone. They will give you an official value numbers that you can submit with your application (things like that are usually used for TAX purposes, etc). However, you have to sell you house to get the cash, that´s how I understand, since you can´t take it with you to Canada (unless it´s a mobile home, then who knows, lol)

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btw. wannabecanadian, how are your things going? All good? Still nervous?

I called FBI, they sent out my papers yeasterday (Monday). Im gonna join you quickly :-)

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You might be right, Cool25. I wondered if the same thing about our house for a long time, and somehow became convinced that we couldn´t claim an appraisal on it because it isn´t liquid cash. I aplogize to Karim if I was incorrect.

C25: I sent in our application on Monday--hooray!! And I´m totally not nervous any more! We set up our package just as they set up the checklist; everything in it´s place according to the list, and I think it turned out really comprehensive. So now it´s out of our hands, and the wait begins! Let me know when you get your app out! :)

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...but then you looked...and....what is this thing? Oh, I forgot to include the main application forms!!! lol just kidding, just kidding , hahaha :-)

congratulations!! and wishing you a super short wait!

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