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Subject: I want to imigrate to Canada
  I want to emigrate to canada but, mi problem is where can I find a job about, florist or sociology, if you know a web page where I can contatc someone from Canda and want a florist gime him my e.mail or if know a direccion where I can find a job about sociology please, put your message in this spot... thanks a lot.
Choose the right occuaptional path (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)
Hi Isaac.

Unfortunately, I am not able to advise you on prospects in either occupation, but I do feel it is necessary to advise you not to pursue any offers of employment as a florist, unless you have a very unique (and desirable) skill set as a florist. The reason I am making this suggestion is because, even if you were to successfully apply for a job as a florist in Canada, it is unlikely that you would receive a Temporary Foreign Worker´s Permit to enter and work in canada as a florist, or meet permanent residency requirements.

Quite simply, it is neither an occupation that is in demand within Canada´s labour market, nor a "Designated Occupation" (an occupation listed in the NOC´s Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B, and acceptable for the purposes of immigration).

Conversely, "sociologists" are in demand (in some regions), and on the Designated Occupations List.

Good luck.

Dennis Caul
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Dennis Caul
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Unless you have enough points and then your occupation will not make any difference, but I doubt.

Good luck

employment in agriculture (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)

I would like to know about employment oppurtunity in agriculture. I am well experienced in farm management (ie agriculture, like growing potatoes, spinach plants, rice and wheat)your valuble information enable me to pursue immigration to canada.

i want a agricalture farm in canda (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)
hello sir
i want a agricaluure farm in canda .i am from Pakistan and i have a farm of four unita .and i am well in advance farming also on top in my town.
tell me whole details about it
how will i get a farm ?
how to immegrate?
and abour cash?
hope u will reply me sooon.bye take care
Rashid pakistan

Rashid Nazir
imigrate to canada (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)
i wana have good and beautiful life
masoud masoudi
agricultural engineering (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)
im a graduate of a kenya university with bachelors in agricultural engineering and would like to know whether i can get a job in english speaking canada in this field.Please let me know.i have no experience in the field since my graduation .
stan mutinda
computer job (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)
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computer (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)

computer job (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)
I & My wife is wanted computer job in canada.

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hi sir (in reply to: I want to imigrate to Canada)
i am an undergraduate of Agricultural Engineering in a Nigeria university hoping to graduate in this year (2008) and i know a lot about cassava processing and utilization and i will like to settle in Canada after my graduation, i will appreciate any assistance you render to my personality. thanks
Ogunlade Clement