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Subject: for sharon and everyone
  Hi ,

Its the same question sharon but may be a lil specific....

I have my wifes application in process and her interview was not there instead they just directly asked her to submit her passport...

We sent the passport out on the 19th july and delhi recieved it on the 21st july....

Now at this stage she would recieve her passport back with the stamp or can they ask her to come for an interview...

What shall i expect.....
Can the embassy still call for an interview after recieving the passport

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It could happen , but it sounds to me more like you have to sit and relax , and wait for the Passport to come back with the visa stamped.

A Passport request , most of the time is a good sing that the visa has been approved.


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You should see the descision made on August 15. From the day ND CHC starts processing your file, it takes somewhere between 2 to 3 months. Now this includes stamping of your PP as well. More often than not CHC ND sends out a PPR very early in the process. At the time of the PPR , the background checks and the medicals are still to be recieved and verfied by the visa officer. The reason being that ND CHC assumes that by the time they recieve your passport they would have the rest of the checks done. But in some cases CHC recieves the passport earlier than anticipated and BG check/Medicals are still pending. In such cases it takes a while (usually 3-4) weeks for them to stamp the passport and send it back. A PPR does mean thet visa officer assumes your application to be a simple case (and hence no interview) but doesn´t mean that all the work on your file has been completed.

hope that helps.

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