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Subject: To Ano

You are an asshole.

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thanks for your assistant man ;) seems ano will be the talk of this forum for ages ..
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Dearest beloved Ano,

Why are you wasting your time on this forum? If you don´t have any zits you need to pop and you´ve already jacked off 12 times today, why don´t you go dance in traffic with a blindfold on?

You´re a loser and you know it, clap your hands!

Seriously though - take your cancerous thoughts and do something productive with your life will ya you big bag of useless?

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stupid ano!! where r u from actually !!
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who the heck is ano??? and why is he sooooo popular and "deeply loved" by everyone?
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What can I say... nobody can enlighten the stupid people. Sharon, let us face it: you are an addicted to internet and message boards. I hope you will find a way out of this coma one of these days.

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