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Subject: Sharon , Andy ,and all the helpful people
  Dear all.
Good Day
I?m new here and this is the first time I join your forum.
You are very nice group and I´m glad to ask you about personal issues.
I read a story similar to mine written by (need help) to claim refugee status in Canada.
That I?m Iraqi woman, live in a Europe with my husband and children in very bad circumstances, I hope to claim refugee status in Canada because we left our homeland far away of war and violence and we can?t return back and we don?t have money to apply for Immigration that we lost every thing and reached here by the help of some friends.
If I apply, what do you thing, will they approve my application?
Where should I apply if applicable?
What about the residence status here? Dose it affect the application or not?
Thanks for help.

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According to current situation of Iraq you´re likely to get approval. However, Refugees applying from outside of Canada may be sponsored by the federal government or by private organizations or groups of individuals.
Applications are assessed by a foreign service officer who determines whether the individual meets Canada´s definition of a refugee and is likely to settle successfully, given the level of assistance available.
Convention refugee are persons who, by reason of well-founded fear of persecution, for reason of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, are unable or unwilling to return to their countries of birth or habitual residence.

Shirin, In your case, you must have to provide evidance of an assessment of risk upon removal to another country that includes risk of torture, risk to life, and risk of inhumane treatment or punishment.

Good Luck!


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If you are living in Europe, they may refuse you and say that you should have applied for asylum in the country where you are now residing.

The following categories of persons are not eligible to have a claim referred to the IRB:

Persons recognized as Convention refugees by another country to which they can be returned;
Persons already determined to be protected persons under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or its regulations;

***Persons who arrived in Canada, directly or indirectly, from a country other than their country of nationality or former habitual residence and designated by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act regulations***;

Persons who were determined to be inadmissible on grounds of security, human rights violations, serious criminality or organized criminality;
Persons who had a previous refugee protection claim rejected by the IRB;
Persons who had a previous refugee protection claim determined to be ineligible for referral to the IRB; or
Persons who had a previous refugee protection claim withdrawn or abandoned.

I cant tell you more before knowing more about your situation...if not my advice may or may not apply to you

how to get refugee agreement to Canada (in reply to: Sharon , Andy ,and all the helpful people)
Dear Sharon
good day
i have MSc degree since 2001 and due to the too bad living conditions in Iraq, I found my self so eager to migrate to Canada. How can apply for refugee, study, job, or any other way to live in Canada
with best appreciation

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You have already been allowed to remain in another country and due to your economic situation there is not a valid reason to make a refugee claim.

Many people abuse this system and unfortunately 48% of all claimants are successful.

Some people in need of real protection loose because others can lie better.

Read the whole web site to immigrate part PNP etc and google the manuals under publications left side at the bottom there could be something there that could relate to your personal circumstances.


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