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Subject: interview timelines
  the timelines listed on the yogi site doesn´t have case details listed such as whether or not an interview was required.

does anyone have any idea as to where an interview would fit in on the time line??

typically, how long after the IA is the interview date given??

how long after the interview is the PPRQ??


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in my case, from IA (Oct 2004) to interview date (Sept 2005) was 11 months.

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In my case:

IA - Aug 2004
File transfer to New York - July 2005
Waiting for interview date.

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In my case in IA which I got in Nov 04,it said the file is being transfered to NYC and there will be an inetrview.Since Nov 04, there were two communications from NYC regarding:
IELTS: in Mar 05
Landing fees, Medicals, FBI, docs : in June 05
There has been no reference to interview as yet and am guessing that they may have waived the interview(my point score was 72).
Is my assessment correct or do you think there is a likelihood of interview still.

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Apply for Caips and see whats going on...jackofallo
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ok, this is very depressing!!! there´s a possibility that i´m going to be delayed by as much as 8-12 months!!! aaaagggggghhhhhh!!!!
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try this website to create/manage your timeline and share your timeline with others

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Applied January 2004
IA - October 2004
File transfer to LA - April 2005

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Applied January 2004
IA October 2004
File still not trasferred to LA

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from most of threads it seems that people get much worried when they do not get any response after "THIER !" expected time. If you step into our shoes, where we got only AOR in 2003 & thereafter nothing, what all of you would have done ?

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