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Subject: wedding question for Shannon
  Hi Shannon.

I just read your explanation on a spouse visa being refused for not having a wedding... and that kind of scared me.

I married a Jewish girl from canada and she is going to send the application soon. We had a only a civil ceremony just to sign the marriage certificate, but no actual wedding. We are planning a wedding in Canada once i convert into Judaism in canada since there are no synagogues where I live (colima, Mexico). We explained this on the application. we sent some pictures of us of the signing of marriage certificate and pictures of us the weekend after our wedding when we went camping.
do we have anything to worry about? please help clear his up.

thanks so much and it will be greatly appreciated
thanks for your busy time

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Did you have a honeymoon though?
I sent my application as well , my wife is Canadian and we have had only a civil ceremony , with just a few friends and our parents .
I sent those pics as well as our honeymoon pics and I didn?t have any problem , as a matter of fact I got my PPR today. juuhhuuuu!!!!

I don?t really know Shannon?s situation , but send what you have an explain very very well every single detail about your relationship.
Every small document that you send as a proof of genuine , will make a big difference in the final decision.

Good luck

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Nelson, dont worry about your case too much...there is a religion difference at this time between the two of you. My example pertained specifically to the muslim religion where announcing the marriage is a HUGE part of "complete" marriage...its a long and complicated situation with the embassies in the ME right now.
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