To Shannon ,Rana, and all kind friends

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Subject: To Shannon ,Rana, and all kind friends
  Thank you Rana and Shannon
I live in Europe for about year and a half.
I have never asked to claim refugee statues before in any country of this world, and never visit the (UNHCR) for this purpose.
Some friends helped us to reach here and arranged the official documents for visa valid only for one year.

We have never fit any of the possibilities that you mentioned in your comment Shannon, the only possibility that fits me is the residence in a European country.

What I need to know exactly that is, according to the conditions of my country of nationality is it possible to clime refugee statues in Canada?
If applicable where should I apply?
Dose the Canadian embassy in the country in which I reside now will approve my application?
Dose the 3rd country of asylum or the 3rd safe county will be the country of my resent residence and they may refuse my application according to that?
Please try to advise me; it will be very kind of you.

My respect.

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As sharon said in your last posting, its less likely to get approval as if your are applying from third country, certainly I´m not fully sure about it. I have question here, If you have life risk in your home country how you could retun back for apply.
Unfortunately, I´m not 100% sure here, I´ll suggest you to contact IRB Immigration and Refugee Board, you could email them at, or call them at (IRB Headquarter) 613-995-6486.


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My bad, email address is


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Dear Shirin,

Matter of fact I was waiting for Sharon response, Anyways, as far my knowledge concerns you have two options:
(1)Submit your application and supporting documents to visa office nearest you.
(2) You could contact with any refugee protection group UNHCR (The UNHCR seeks to provide protection to refugees worldwide) or Private Sponsors, example Groups of Five, Community Sponsors and JAS (Joint Assistance Sponsorships).

Moreover, If you are being sponsored by a private group in Canada, the sponsoring group may ask you to send your completed application to them in order to speed up the process. Your private sponsor can then review your application to ensure it is complete and submit it to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The application must be signed by you only.

Note: Do not take my words as granted, as I´m not immigration consultant.


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