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Subject: Passport request

Hello all
I got a Passport request letter today.I am applying as a family member.
Here is my timeline

Sent to Ontario joint app Dec 8th 2004
Sponsorship approval Dec 31st
Jan 1st 2005 PR app received by the Visa Office in Central America
Jan 4th started processing application
March 16 th IA , interview waived
Medicals were sent along with my application in Dec 2004
Passport request 9th Aug 2005

Passport request (in reply to: Passport request)
can you populate your timeline data in the following website
so others can see your timeline data?

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Hi Andy,

did you have any problems/issues along the way or have you lived in any other countries? I´m just wondering because of my sponsorship.


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No I didn?t have any problems.I am a Costa Rican citizen and the only country I lived in was Canada.
The only delay that I had ,was when CIC asked for my police record at the RCMP and took about 5 months to get it.

I sent a fax to the embassy couple times asking for the status of the application and their replay was always " We still waiting for your Police record from Canada" , once they received it , I got my PPR.


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