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Subject: Help Needed Urgently
  My girlfriend and I intend to go to India in several months to get married as this is a dream of ours. However, I am a student from the UK residing in Canada and have lived with my girlfriend for only a month. My girlfriend (future wife) intends to then sponsor me to remain here as a permanent resident.

As I am here on a study visa, would I be able to leave the country in order to get married in another? Has anyone out there ever done something similar and how did it work etc?

Many thanks for any helpful responses.

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If you have a multiple entry visa, there shouldn´t be a problem no matter how many times you enter or leave Canada.

You´ll have to check in a visa is required to enter India. You´ll also have to check what India´s requirements are on marriage ceremonies.

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As a British citizen, you dont need a visa to enter the country. So go for it...and good luck!! :)
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