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Subject: migrating to canada
  hi, i´m a 27 yr old programmer from philippines, from 2001 to present as programmer and would like to migrate to canada, i would like to ask if its the best way to apply for immigrant if i will apply to a Canadian Immigration Consultant firm to process my application? if not what is the best way?, i don´t have any relatives or friends at present in canada.
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The instructions on the CIC webpage for immigration (all categories) are very easy to understand. You don´t need to go through a Canadian Immigration Consultant. The only thing he´ll actually be doing is gathering all the documents from you. You would still be the one who would have to do all the footwork to gather all the documents so you can hand them over to your Consultant. If the purpose of hiring a Consultant is to tell you what your chances are, you can also do that yourself. Immigration works on a point system. Go the CIC webpage and assess yourself.
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is it this site? http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/

Thanks a lot for your reply!

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hi..i would just like to ask what is the maximum length of processing time for migrating to canada via petition (spouse)? thanx
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Hi, i´m a Filipino working here in jeddah. i just want to ask what are the procedures for gathering points to migrate in canada.

Thank you.


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Dudes, just freaking read the Immigration site´s procedures its all there
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hi everyone, i´m a 22 year old working as a trainer in a call center industry, i really wanted to migrate to canada, i have some relatives the, specifically a cousin who´s encouraging me to join her there. can anyone give me some advice. i know i maybe young but i really wanted to go to canada and start a new life there open to better opportunities. also, will it be an advantage if i will go there single or married? me and my boyfriend have plans of getting married here and migrate there. can someone help me on this. thanks much.
madz of rizal

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Hello, my husband and I are interested to migrate in Canada. Please give us helpful tips on how to spend less and process fast to migrate in Canada. I have finished in College and my husband highly skillfull and has worked abroad for 12 years now.

hope you will help us on how we should start up with the processing .


Mrs. Ordaneza

maria lovena ordaneza
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To all of you who are interested in migrating to Canada, good luck. Was there, done that, and returned. Glad I did.
Just remember what I say.
My suggestion : all of you seem to have a decent job in your respective country now. Don´t waste it.

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