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Subject: Name Change in Passport
  I have submited my application (join file with my husband) for
Canada Immigration. I am the principle applicant and i have quoted my
name as per my current passport name i.e.Maiden Name. Because at the time of applciation submision i got married but i didn´t change my name in pasport. But in my husband´s passport my name is added and it´s my married name with spousal surname and middle name. i have also received my file number. Should i need to change my name in my passport? If yes then in what way it would be affacted to my application which is In Process? I have submitted my marriage certificate with my application file.

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You take your marriage certificate to the passport office and they will give you a form to fill out. Tey ask you for another piece of ID, so I suggest you change your DL or SIN first.
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Thanks for the response. But if i change the name in passport then what about my name in my application which is under process with maiden name?
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I think the married name on your husbands ppt should not be a big issue for immigration. however in the long run continuing to use your maiden name will create many problems. You can get a new ppt with the new name and inform cic asap. they will also need proof of name change.

then you can get the visa on the new ppt with new name. i do not think this will delay the process too much.

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Hi Thu, Thank you so much for your advice. i was just doubting that if the Principle Applicant´s name is being changed after file processing started then i thought the processing might start right from beginning again.
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