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Subject: During the Process
  Hi everyone,
I have applied for my wife´s immigration (has been approved by CPC missisauga) and i was wondering if i have to stay in canada the whole time until some decision has been made ?
Or can i actually go and live with my wife back in india and wait for decision to be made.... there ?


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there is nothing stopping you from going on "vacation". Its not like they call your house to check if you´re home or anything.
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you can very much be with your wife in india while theprocess is on.... now as the cpc mississauga have approved they dont have anything to do with you....

they would be now contacting your wife...

so have fun

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Cool. Thanks heaps guys/gals. good to hear that. Its just that i think i read somewhere in this or another forum that i should be in canada ´the whole time the application is being processed´.

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I just went through this and after your approved by CIC they didnt call on me at all. I did stay here just in case they interviewed my wife asking about me and my whereabouts. But in the end there was no need.
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