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Subject: 19 Reasons to Move to Canada
  9 reasons to move to Canada...plus 10 more for good measure!

1. Canada is a peaceful nation with no enemies, good international relationships (including with Cuba), and is at minuscule risk for a terror attack.
2. Canada has no abortion laws whatsoever, abortion is legal, without restriction. But the rate of abortions in the country is relatively low.
3. Canada in many provinces, recognizes and fully accepts gay marriage as a legal institution, even for immigration purposes.
4. Canada has socialized medicine that Canadians report satisfaction with. No Canadian goes without health care.
5. Canada has no death penalty.
6. Canada has tough gun control laws, and, it just so happens, a murder rate about three times lower than that in U.S.
7. Canada has a general maternity leave of one year off for mothers, at 80 percent of their salary.
8. Canada has a more balanced education system, where schools in poor areas deliver the same quality of education as those in wealthy locales.
9. A Canadian federal judge has ruled that file sharing is legal in Canada.

Borrowed from Canadian Alternative:
1. Canada has universal public health care.
2. Canada has no troops in Iraq.
3. Canada signed the Kyoto Protocol environmental treaty.
4. More than half of its provinces allow same-sex marriage.
5. Canada´s Senate recommends legalizing marijuana.
6. Canada has no law restricting abortion.
7. Canada has strict gun laws and relatively little violence.
8. The United Nations has ranked Canada the best country to live in for eight consecutive years.
9. Canada abolished the death penalty in 1976.
10. Canada has not run a federal deficit since 1996-97.

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I still encourage people to remain in their homelands, acquire some human dignity, and learn to build better societies there instead of turning into parasites and pests on industrialized societies. The third world people are particularly worthless.
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you were doing fine until about half way through. I was actually feeling hopeful that you stopped being a jerk. I was wrong.
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There are LOTS of reasons why one wants to imigrate to Canada. However, some of the points mentioned above should definitely be removed from the list:

1.Canada has universal public health care. -- go to ANY european country and see how it works (England for example, since Canadian system is partially based on it). I am from under that type of system: theoretically you have all rights under the sky, but have to wait months (yes, MONTHS) to get any help if you need help, and in some occasions you simply....well, die, or ....pay anyway to get faster help.
2. Canada has no troops in Iraq. -- That´s too bad. If they did (and more countries as well), the job would be done within a few months. You all praising how good Canada is, but are so against helping Iraq to come closer to democracy similar to Canadian by refusing more troops to help and finish up with the camel riding crazies who want to destroy everyone who isn´t on their side. Yes, Iraq has lots of muslims who DO want to live like civilized people in the West. Why not to help them??? They are being slaughtered because of the laziness of the West. And that´s the sad truth.
4. More than half of its provinces allow same-sex marriage. -- oh my goodness! What is next, legalizing polygamy? What´s wrong with it?? If homosexual marriage is ok, then having 10 wifes is good too. Polygamists are NOT complaining about it, so why should you?
5. Canada?s Senate recommends legalizing marijuana. -- how about legalizing heroin as well?

The rest is all good.

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We have no troops in Iraq because some of the ones we sent to Afghanistan were killed by US troops...... no point in sending our boys to Iraq to be killed by American soldiers.
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>9. A Canadian federal judge has ruled that file sharing is legal in Canada

About Iraq.. I will say 2 things..
1- Why saddam was not removed in a clean way like it was done in other countries, by clean I mean Secret services way.
2- Al zarquawi was not in Iraq during saddam´s rule! from this point you can deduct everything!


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>9. A Canadian federal judge has ruled that file sharing is legal in Canada

What is that? It means software piracy is legal?

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Mixa, I agree that there is always a better way. Still, things are rolling and the West could still help. Really. I have quite a few friends in opressed countries that the West sees as great countries. The people who live there are praying for someone to come and rescue them but the West sees only how well they look on the outside. Why Iraq was second (afganistan first)? No idea. Could be anyone, can´t do all. But look at Afganistan: if anyone says that US did a horrible mistake then he/she is a very selfish person: you don´t see anymore women wearing burkas there nor being firbidden to go outside after dawn, etc etc.

In my opinion, Al Zarquawi (is that how you spell it?) was always there, it was his peacefull headquarters where he could train in peace. And look what happened now? He is being disturbed. Poor man.

Anonymous: I think freedom has sacrifices, that is where you see if someone really cares. It is not to help US, it is if one cares to help Iraqis (or whever it may be). Don´t you think? It is again, to the whole West.

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I Agree but it is a high price to pay that everybody is paying!
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Show me a person who wants to take away my right to own a gun, and I´ll show you a person who wants me to be at the mercy of power-hungry officials in government or to be murdered by some common violent criminal.

I have nothing against Canada, or the people who live there. As a matter of fact, I regard Canada as one of the best countries in the world. However, I refuse to support restrictions on gun ownership unless it involves only people who have committed felonies and people who have a history of mental illness. Criminals will find ways to gain access to firearms regardless of strict gun laws. By contrast, law-abiding citizens are not that fortunate.

On the issues of the death penalty, abortion, gay marriage, education, welfare, environmental regulations, drug laws, and publicly-funded healthcare, I say that each of these issues should be decided ONLY at the provincial level. Almost all domestic policy issues should be decided at the provincial level.

The only exceptions to the rule should be requiring each individual of adult age to own firearms (unless the individual has a felony on their criminal record and has a history of mental illness), immigration laws, and regulating the value of the nation´s currency by having it backed by gold and silver instead of letting a central bank print fiat money without any substantial backing and letting the currency be devalued.

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As far as foreign policy is concerned, Canada´s foreign policy is far superior to the foreign policy of my country, the United States of America. However, I still don´t understand the point to letting troops participate in peace-keeping operations under foreign flags or U.N. supervision. I also oppose giving foreign aid to other countries because that money is definitely going to be misused and abused where that money will be used to either subsidize their own economy or the money will be used by political leaders to pay for their lavish lfestyles. They can also be intercepted by warlords or terrorist groups.

Aside from peacekeeping operations, foreign aid, and obeying international organizations insteading of deciding for yourself, Canada still has a far better foreign policy than the United States.


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