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Subject: Address Change
  I have changed my address by sending a fax to CIC as well as mailing them. I did not change address online as if you read carefully changing address online is only of IN CANASA applicants not for those who have applied outside Canada. Any idea when they will change my address and when it will reflect online. Its been 3 days since I changed my address.
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I changed mine too, but have not seen any updates. Best thing for you to do is make sure you have mail forwarding, incase they send you stuff to hyour old address.
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It usually takes a week to two to have the address change reflected online.Updates to the website are done every Monday for Tuesday viewing. You may call the CIC call center to confirm they receipt the address change and also change it over the phone if need be. Hope that helps.
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Thanks everyone and also to Boon..Boon please let me know the telephone number to contact CIC..appreciate your help..
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