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Subject: My children
  I would grateful if anyone had any advice on the following. I have just entered the U.S. from Ireland, on a ´Permanent Resident Visa´ with my two children.

Their Dad and I are separated, and he lives in Canada on a working Visa.

He is applying for permanent residency in Canada.

He is also placing our children on the application for Canadian pernanent resident Visas.

Will this jeporadise their current Resident Visa that we worked so hard to achieve?


Will the fact that they have a US Resident Visa cause a problem for them getting a canadian resident VISA?

Is is unusual for a person to hold resident VISAs for two countries?

I want to be very clear about this as I do not trust my ex-spouse intentions.

Is their an organisation I should contact to clarify details.

My ex-spouse tells me that ´its just a normal part of the procedure to include the children´, but I´m not sure I trust this.

I´d be grateful for any advice on this.

Thank you.

Safe n Secure
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he is obligated to list his children. there is also a question asked about whether the children will be accompanying him. That is your bigger questions. He cannot force them to immigrate, but he can certainly apply. It is his legal right as father.

I do not know the answer to dual residency. someone else will have to answer that one.

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Normally, most countries allow you to have multiple residency visas. It is only during renewal or conversion to citizenship that they verify if you have met the residency requirements. If not, they do not renew or reissue. If you met them all, you are allowed to proceed if so.

In your case, you are welcome to have the US residency and if possible Canada PR visa as well.......but Canada will kick your butt if you do not meet their residency obligations (2 years stay) with in the 5-years term!!! As simple as that.

cool and relax. Make sure if your children will join your ex or not.....thats imp as sharon said.

good luck

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