PR visa for my studies in Canada

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Subject: PR visa for my studies in Canada
I am an engineering degree student of University of Manitoba twinning program, with the 1st two year portion of my course continuing at Kaulalupur, Malaysia 3rd. semester and for the same reason my parents had applied for PR in March 2005.The sad thing is that the PR will be granted only after 42 months as per the information from Canadian HC New Delhi. But I have to join in the U of M in September 2006 for final studies,and I have good academic performance in my studies ( more than 90% in all subjects) Kindly help me to get my parent´s PR to be sanctioned early before September 2006,or I cannot continue my course paying huge amount of fee as an Intenational student,with heavy supporting funds. Please help.

Sharon NS.

Sharon NS
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Miracles happen.......
I´m sorry to say that , but I do not think that something can be done on this matter.
One can just wait.

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Hi sharon,
I can understand your problems. But you must be knowing all this before even you commenced your studies/degree or atleast you should have anticipated this.Nowadays with the internet available, one can get reasonable amount of information before venturing into any kind of big decisions.
Good luck.

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