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Subject: approximate monthly budget for a single person 2

After comparing our budget, I can tell you a fact that Vancouver or Toronto might not be the best choice for those immigrants who couldn´t even start cash flow or not wealth people like me.

In Nanaimo, you can save about 1/2 of rent. Grocery is cheaper than Vancouver, that´s why it seems that my cost of living is cheaper.

Also I fish a lot, it cuts about 20% of my food cost.
Even seaweed, blackberry, I just pick it up outside my house.
Blackberry can make good wine, I also make my own beer, and therefore I don´t spend a penny to buy drink.

The style of your living and your community are also very important, compare with the cold number, i wanna say money can not buy happiness. Those are not important. In my community, almost everybody live like this, they don´t feel poor, they got their own house, make their own wine, fish their own fishes, that??s it. There is almost no homeless people in Nanaimo, compare with Vancouver.

As long as you are happy, that´s it.

Talking about medical premium, if you make less than 20k annually, you don??t have to a penny, the reason why I have to pay because I am not PR yet.

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HI Could you explain me more about Nanaimo please?because it is interesting.Where is this place?is it close to usa?what province is it?any indians live there?.how to travel there?can i drive from toronto to Nanaimo?.easy to get rental place for low price?How many Miles from toronto?
Please tell me these detailes.Soon i will be moving to canada.I got my PR 1 month ago.And i do not know any one in canada.I know plenty in usa.r u from India tooo?
Thanks alot once again.U could send me email id is

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